Welcome to the home of the Open Science MOOC!

This website provides information about our MOOC, its rationale, the current state of the project, and the people behind it.

This is a mission-driven project to help make ‘Open’ the default setting for all global research. We want to help create a welcoming and supporting community, with good tools, teachers, and role-models, and built upon a solid values-based foundation of freedom and equitable access to research.

Therefore, we see Open Science as a goal: broad adoption of good scientific practices as a fundamental and essential part of the research process.


This project is being developed in an open and agile way, meaning that all content is instantly available for re-use and iterative improvements, including as a teaching resource. You can also follow regular updates on Slack or Twitter or Facebook.

The first release of Module 5 on Open Source and Open Research Software has been completed and undergoing feedback from the wider community. We are currently improving this module by diversifying the content.

Module 1 on Open Principles is also currently in the early stages of development.

This project was started in early 2017 after a barcamp at the Open Science Conference in Berlin. Soon, more than 30 people contributed and a first draft ‘curriculum’ was made. Now, an enormous community has come together to share their knowledge about and passion for Open Science and to contribute to what they see as an extremely important issue in nowadays and future science.

We are excited by the support we got so far and we would like to invite everybody to create, comment, contribute and share!

Open Science MOOC