Open Science MOOC is moving to IGDORE

Starting 1 March 2022, the Steering Committee is happy to announce that the Institute for Globally Distributed Open Research and Education (IGDORE) will host the Open Science MOOC (OS MOOC). Discussions between IGDORE and the Steering Committee stretch back to February 2021. From the start, both sides shared a common vision for open science education and for continuing the efforts started by the MOOC. IGDORE also presented a realistic approach to the continued management of the MOOC platform. Working with IGDORE, the MOOC will have a continued role in open science curriculum development and training.

The transition of the OS MOOC to IGDORE will involve a number of parts. Technical infrastructure such as web hosting and our GitHub repositories will be jointly managed. Our contact email will move from info@openscience.mooc to and an autoresponder will be set up to indicate this move. Any remaining limited funds for Open Science MOOC will be transferred to IGDORE. Social media and communication channels will be jointly managed by IGDORE and OS MOOC. An integration will be set up between the OS MOOC Slack channel and On Science and Academia Discourse forum administered by IGDORE. OS MOOC will adopt the IGDORE Code of Conduct and look to community feedback, as always, to iterate and improve it. Last of all, the OS MOOC Steering Committee will transition to a working group status within IGDORE in an interim capacity. Within the next 1-2 years, members will transition on and off to move the group to an official capacity. An initial goal of the working group will be to port the completed OS MOOC modules to the educational platform that IGDORE is currently constructing and to update website content.

As always, we invite community feedback and suggestions as we transition the OS MOOC to IGDORE. Please reach out to