New Perspectives and UNESCO's Recommendations

By the Open Science MOOC Steering Committee

Hello from the Steering Committee!

In April 2020, the Open Science MOOC announced the formation of a new Steering Committee to further the community’s vision and mission. In May of 2020, the new Steering Committee members met via Slack. The following month offered Steering Committee members the first opportunities to meet virtually and understand the current state of the Open Science MOOC. Since July 2020, the Steering Committee has been meeting bi-weekly to address the following key themes:

  • Vision
  • Inclusion
  • Legal status
  • Content
  • Technology
  • Partnerships
  • Outreach

New perspectives

At the end of September 2020, the Steering Committee had the opportunity to meet with UNESCO representatives and share the Steering Committee’s initial draft of new perspectives for the Open Science MOOC while UNESCO representatives discussed their draft Open Science recommendations. Two of the main outcomes from that meeting included:

  • Motivation for the Steering Committee to draft the new perspectives slides and share with the community for feedback. Please let the Committee know what you think in the Open Science MOOC Slack channel. The Steering Committee plans to discuss feedback from Slack at our October 23 meeting and report back.
  • UNESCO asked the Open Science MOOC community to provide feedback on their draft Open Science recommendations. Please offer your feedback here by November 1 and the Steering Committee will then consolidate community feedback on November 16 and share with UNESCO by December 15.

Anika Huizinga. Perspective. Grand Rapids, United States. Image Credit: Anika Huizinga. Perspective. Grand Rapids, United States.