The Open Science MOOC is now live on Eliademy

That’s right, the pilot module on Open Research Software and Open Source is now LIVE on the open source platform, Elidaemy.

Module 5

Rationale: Software and technology underpin modern science. There is an increasing demand for more sophisticated open source software, matched by an increasing willingness for researchers to openly collaborate on new tools. These developments come with a specific ethical, legal and economic challenges that impact upon research workflows. This module will introduce the necessary tools required for transforming software into something that can be openly accessed and re-used by others.

Learning outcomes:

  1. The researcher will be able to define the characteristics of open source research software, and the ethical, legal, economic and research impact arguments for and against it.
  2. Based on community standards, researchers will be able to describe the quality requirements of sharing and re-using open code.
  3. The researcher will be able to use a range of research tools that utilise open source software.
  4. Individual researchers will be able to transform code designed for their personal use into code that is accessible and re-usable by others.

As well as tonnes of knowledge on this topic, the module includes 3 practical tasks for you too:

  1. How to set up your first repository on GitHub
  2. How to make your code citable using GitHub and Zenodo
  3. How to integrate Git with RStudio

If you use computers or software for your research, which we are pretty sure most of you do, then head over and ENROLL for this course today. Of course it is free, and all content is available for anyone to re-use.

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We need your help

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Jon and the Open Science MOOC team