Welcome to the Open Science MOOC!

Welcome to the new blog for the Open Science MOOC! A special thanks to Danny Colin for getting this set up for us.

The first draft of the pilot module, Open Source and Open Research Software, is now complete! The community effort surrounding this has been fantastic, you can find all content here, and the first release has also been published to Zenodo.


This module includes two practical tasks. This includes:

  1. An introductory guide on how to set up your first GitHub project; and

  2. How to make such a project archived and citable.

At the moment, we welcome feedback from anyone on this draft, to help improve the style, design, user-friendliness, and content. Media content will be also added shortly.

We are also pleased to announce that we have received funding via a Flash Grant from the Shuttleworth Foundation, as well as a kind donation from Code Ocean, to help support the development of the project. We are incredibly grateful to both organisations for their generosity, and to the wider community for their continued support to get to this stage.

Some things you can do to help the MOOC

  • Make sure to have joined our open Slack channel and join in the discussions.

  • The next module to develop will be the first on Open Principles, and we are all cracking on with content development here. If you are interested in helping out with this, please let us know!

  • Share information about the MOOC with your friends and colleagues! We are on Twitter too for those of you who use it.

We appreciate all of your ongoing support, and will continue with developing the content. In the future, we are going to look into the possibility of setting up regular ‘open science sprints’ to help customise the content for the needs of individual users and communities. More on this next time!


Jon and the Open Science MOOC team