August update for the Open Science MOOC!

Jon Tennant, September 2, 2018

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the slightly-delayed August update for the Open Science MOOC! We have a couple of nice bits of news this round.

The first draft of the pilot module, Open Source and Open Research Software, is now complete. It is currently being revised thanks to a range of incredibly helpeful feedback from across the globe. However, this does not mean that the content cannot be currently used, and there are plenty of goodies available below already:


In the near future, we aim to add a further task showing users how to integrate R and Git (scary, but useful), screencasts for all tasks to help as guides, a quiz to test your knowledge, and an introductory video from Open Source gurus from around the world! Our ultimate objective is not to have all of this and the rest of the MOOC content as a unidirectional learning resource, but more of a community-based peer-to-peer learning space.

This month, we were also fortunate enough to be invited to the Joint Roadmap for Open Science Tools in Berkeley California, where we joined a brilliant group of people in trying to help build a future for Open Science. Recent partners also include AuthorAID, an organisation that helps to provide support for researchers in low and middle income countries.

Some things you can do to help the MOOC

We appreciate all of your ongoing support, and will continue with developing the content and putting it out there for use as soon as it is ready.


Jon and the Open Science MOOC team