Hi everyone!

I am a computational evolutionary biologist working at the natural history museum of the Netherlands, Naturalis. To do my research, I am involved in numerous scientific software projects (e.g. TreeBASE, SUPERSMART, NeXML, and others), which has led to my involvement in open-source and data sharing initiatives and communities. Open science is the natural extension of this. To flesh out the ideas surrounding open science, open data and open source I am co-authoring an e-book (OSODOS) that attempts to make these principles and practices teachable. I have a fair amount of teaching experience, including a MOOC about evolution, and I am keen to bring these experiences and my teaching materials to the table for this Open Science MOOC.

By the way, I am also quite active communicating science on Twitter (@rvosa, which is also my GitHub handle), so that might be a good way to get in touch, if you need to.