I am Monika, I live in Switzerland and try to survive raising 3 vivid boys.  Formally,  I’m a pharmacist with a PhD, PostDoc in the US and several years in academia (oncology and neurobiology) in Switzerland. Today I am interested in learning and collaboration in the digital age including social learning, working out loud, (personal) knowledge management, (science/project) communication, and all forms of technology-enhanced learning.

I already attended many MOOCs myself, mostly xMOOCS (educational ones) but just recently a cMOOC- where people just virtually get together to connect, discuss and collaborate without a specific learning target, but then do learn sooo much.

This Open Science MOOC now combines three of my main interests- learning in the digital age, using MOOCs as a networking tool, and true collaboration among researchers for the advancement of science.  What a chance!

Monika Schlatter, PhD, Dr. sc. nat ETHZ


http://relatris.ch (german)
http://blog.relatris.ch (english)

Twitter: @mcschlatter