Hi everyone! I’m Jon, and started this Open Science MOOC after, well, a tweet!

So, I’m a palaeontologist and geologist by training, and finished my PhD last year at Imperial College London. I won an award for research excellence there after choosing to take an exclusively ‘open path’, to help demonstrate to others that this can be done. I now spend my days writing/talking/ranting about all things Open Science. I’m the Communications Director for ScienceOpen, a Berlin-based tech-startup, as my main job. I’m also a community editor for PLOS Paleo, founder of the digital publishing platform paleorXiv, author of a kids book, Excavate Dinosaurs, a freelance science writer (e.g., Discover Magazine) and consultant, and a world traveling and coffee loving science-ish-tist. I still do primary research too (fossils n stuff), and have published papers on Open Access and Peer Review. Oh, and I’m part of the Mozilla Open Leadership Cohort, an ASAPbio Ambassador, and a COS Ambassador.

Communications Director at ScienceOpen
Founder of PaleorXiv